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A Holistic Virus Theory

Updated: Feb 26

Now that we have been in this change triggered by COVID-19 I am developing a more holistic thought around it based on the mental, emotional, and spiritual concepts that are a part of every one of us. Perhaps our thoughts and emotions can change outcomes?

The physical aspects are well discussed so I don't touch on them much. When I saw the virus popping up in many countries I realized I had it myself in January and other possible cases were identified as far back as November in this country (USA). Couple this with medical and scientific professionals identifying classic signs of inflammation and sepsis-related to it with occasional words like "some of this is puzzling or makes no sense" or "is an unknown".

Viruses are ancient as many holistic practitioners and biologists have talked, and they do mutate but as epidemiologists say usually these mutations don't cause major changes in symptoms. So here are my observations. I had a picture of the key turning in a lock on the SARS-CoV-2. What if on a global scale we turned on something? It was already in the U.S. and other countries before it was in the news. Combining this with the physical contact spread, the contagious emotion of fear spread through technology, the thoughts that caused everyone to rush around making plans, making statements, and decisions, the 24-hour news cycle that caused the rapid shift from normal daily life to a complete shutdown.

Many live in fear because of what they have seen, heard, or created through thoughts. My experience from traveling from Florida to care for the family to my home in Virginia is that people who are considerate of each other, not judging those who don't wear masks (let it go people), doing their best to stay safe, creating some rules around how they run their business or their lives are in the lower stress mode and help others to do the same. People who are in a mode of anger, resentment, individuation, self-focused mode create fear and sadness in others and themselves.

Something that I have been concerned about over the past 10 to 15 years is how inflamed our bodies in the USA have been already. Recent News/Science says that anger, resentment, sadness, fear, and other heavy emotions create acidity in our bodies that promote inflammation and spread it to others.

So should we be asking ourselves "Is this a group consciousness thing?" Have we allowed the spread of this virus through group thinking? Are we victims or are we just that powerful? We had been on the hamster wheel and we could not seem to slow down. I believe that we have been in silent desperation for years looking for change and we subconsciously created this situation. I believe that as a people we are just that powerful. We do not have to be victims. We use victimhood as a way not to see how powerful we are.

Look around in areas where there is more cooperation, more guidelines, more people thinking of others, and more nature. We have a lower incidence of COVID-19. In areas of more anger, resentment, fear, individuation, antagonism we have more incidents of COVID-19.

This is the time when many people have had brief realizations, let go of things, been flexible or learned, and made life changes. I don't want to downplay the suffering that has been occurring. I was an Intensive Care nurse and have seen the inflammatory suffering of sepsis and trauma. It's pretty ugly. But maybe in the suffering, we are playing a part to discover faith. And just so you know I have been in the situation where I have been ill, can't pay my rent can't pay my bills had no food in the fridge: Couldn't find a job. No matter how small your situation it is significant. And if we are that powerful is it possible that with the group consciousness we could stop or reduce this virus together. And if we could do that how many other things can we do to improve the world in our daily life?

I envision small bubbles of community forming and creating a positive way to look at this change.


by Ann Cowper RN, BSN, HNB-BC

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