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Catch a little cold

Updated: May 24, 2022

It can be as simple as that, but as frustrating. When you have events, friend activities and of course work; It can ruin your day and maybe the day after that. But anything can do that. It's how you see it that is important. So that is where I come in. with NURSE COACHING.

The nurse coach partners with the client seeing them, that's you, as the expert in their needs. The nurse coach brings tools to the table and asks questions to allow the client to see their inner wisdom. What are your symptoms? Did you take your temperature?

Coming to the table with no judgement only intention for your best good, the nurse coach considers the individuals personal safety and collects health information as needed. The nurse coach practices presence with individuals helping to gain insight..

When individuals make changes they will progress on their journey to a less stressful and eventually happier life. It's okay to stay home today and relax. See what tomorrow brings.

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