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Updated: Feb 26

I am visiting mom to help out during this hard time. We are missing the surfers (she lives on the beach-I know, how fortunate). They are reminders that life will go on and the kids will help us as we move forward. They are strong and healthy and they have their community.

I understand the issues of contamination and I have been following the science on this since Dr. Fauci spoke back in January regarding the potential spread and isolation of the virus.

I hope to see the surfers back soon. I have heard a lot of anger projected against them and I think people look for a scapegoat in all this but they are barking up the wrong tree with this one. What bugs you lately? What is your opinion? I will bet it relates to your perception or what is going on in your life. 🤔😳😛☺️

We are called in this time to think creatively, use our best efforts and find ways to get through. Surfers are very active, strong, and love nature. They have healthy hearts and bodies and out in nature their minds are healthy too. We have to be careful here because holding back young people can cause unhealthy patterns to be created. They could be drinking, using drugs, roaming elsewhere to try to find an outlet as the personality of a surfer is to be active and be in nature.

As a medical person and former trauma nurse I understand the dangers of this contagion. My experience is; the surfers come, meet briefly, and go out maintaining their physical distance. They don’t really check surf because now they can do it online. They don’t sit around on the beach-it bores them. They are in saltwater which kills germs and then they go home. Being out in nature increases serotonin and dopamine, increases their energy and keeps their heart strong. We all need that now. There will be repercussions health-wise from staying home as well.

I have seen a lot of decisions made by nonmedical people. Is this one of them? What is the real motive? I asked a police officer nearby and he explained that they are coming from far away. I get that. The police have the pulse of the community so I trust that they know.

I just hope soon we will welcome the surfers back for what they represent: health, community, and nature.

(1 week later)

This morning I woke up and found to my surprise the surfers had returned-not as many so I figure more local. The walkways and parking lots had been blocked but still, they returned. It made me hopeful because no matter what they still return to their community. I envy them that they have one because I think we are all looking for more of that. It’s the perfect activity because it combines movement, nature, and the healing of water and salt. We have to be creative while still being protective of others. It keeps them separated but they are together forming a bond that even the tightest regulations by well-meaning people can’t break.

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