• Ann Marie

So What Do You Do Again??

Updated: Feb 26

Often people think they have to address an illness or symptom when in fact it's the other areas of their lives or themselves that need attention.

Leading with the Resilience Paradigm, my healthcare advocacy explores thoughts, feelings, and relationships.

My interest includes young people, moms, caregivers, and nurses. I am considered the wise woman who allows young people to understand that they have insight and they know what they need: Guidance, boundaries, and encouragement. Moms need so much support, and can enjoy their time with their children more if they understand that children come in with different paths sometimes than we envision. I help them explore their relationships with their children and families. Nurses are supported because there are very few circumstances in healthcare I have not seen. They often feel more responsible than they should for outcomes of patients. I want them to have joy in their work by seeing it differently, remember why they chose that profession, and explore selfcare. I guide them to nursing jobs to fit their interest when needed.

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