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What is a Health Coach

Updated: Feb 26

The Health Coach works with participants that are eligible for enrollment and provides necessary wellness coaching to reduce or eliminate high-risk behaviors; encourages adoption of habits that are conducive to a higher quality of life; helps to coordinate medical care and understand any medical conditions they might have; provides primarily face-to-face coaching, counseling, consultation and referral services to manage various chronic health conditions, and lifestyle behavior change; provides feedback and is involved in problem solving issues related to improved navigation through the healthcare system; communicates with physician practices regarding areas of concern on patient reports; and coordinates services with health coach team. This role will also consist of being a health care advocate to help answer health care questions (although I do all these things, this is what will help you feel better-fast), and help direct insurance questions. We are highly motivated, energetic but caring, and have the desire to immerse ourself in the client's culture of wellness and support this culture. If this sounds of interest, and you are looking for techniques to feel better, this could be the action for you.


A Health Coach will work with motivational interviewing, goal setting, and find and solve barriers. We achieve behavior change in relation to stress, diet, exercise, weight management, and sleep, which will reduce risks and prevention of chronic conditions in the future. Health coaches understand how physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellbeing plays a role when it comes to behavior change. As a Nurse Health Coach Ann has a passion for helping others live a healthier life and achieve goals. Ann is personable, positive, caring, and energetic. #Healthandwellness #healthcoach #holistichealing #moms #caregiver #ahna

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