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Nurses Corner


Through experience, I’ve developed a passion for helping nurses realize their power in community to recall their voice and pursue autonomy in their work.  Leading with the Resilience Paradigm, my healthcare advocacy instills authentic and reliable connections.

What I Offer...



A 4-session program for beginning coaching will  allow you to develop a why, rebalance your life, and see how valuable your talents are.

4 Steps to a Better You?

1.  What have you been going through?

2. Look at your life and note where it is out of balance.

3. Introduce skills that help you to see your talents and challenges.

4. Start a plan on the way to joy.



Sometimes you want to have support through your journey or sometimes you want to check in now and again when things become stressful.

Of course, I recommend regular sessions because its better to work on things when we are not in a stressed thought process; However, we have to decide the best way for us. I offer and/a:


A. Advanced Program- 4 meetings per session.




B. Group Programs for those who have been through the Basics.

Group programs are a maximum of 6 participants for 4 weeks.


Self paced programs.


Doctor's Desk

“This session should be on a weekly rotation. There is so much at our fingertips that can help ease our stress. But when stressed you can't think of any of those options”

Woman & Doctor

This was a nice session with a lot of tips and techniques to try at home.  Ann started with why we get stressed and how the events and interactions of the day affect our nervous system and our bodies which I thought was a helpful introduction......  

Patient and Nurse

....It was also nice that she mentioned how to get support from family, that they may not be able to understand what we're going through but that we can ask for support in other ways and how that's beneficial for both parties.”

Male Nurse

“Enjoyed the session and would look forward to attending more with this Ann.”

“Ann was professional, offered a lot of resources without feeling overwhelming.”

Hospital Corridors

“I wanted to reach out and congratulate your first client finishing their coaching series. They gave it a 10/10 and said it was a great experience. I also wanted to attach the new results to the wellbeing assessment, I am happy to announce that they shifted from moderate mental health to flourishing

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