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What Can You Expect from My Services?

Throughout my career, I’ve assisted clients in defining their most complex obstacles and building long-lasting strategies. Take a look at Ann Marie's resume on Linkin to learn more about her professional and educational experience, and get in touch today. Once you make an appointment Ann Marie will be notified and you can call at the appointed time to 540-693-0694. You will talk for 20 minutes and be provided various options. If on the odd occasion the fit doesn't suite you, she will do her best to direct you to someone who can.



The Answers You Need

Q: I have heard about health coaches but I still don't understand what exactly it is you do? 

A: Health Coaching is a relatively new concept in healthcare and is essentially unregulated so far. But thats okay, because it is definitely needed. As an expert in the field with a passion to make health and wellness and healthcare work let me explain what I am able to do. (Bear in mind some of this is medical lingo so if you don't want to read just setup a Discovery session and I will make it simple. Go to my blog for more under What Exactly Is a Health Coach


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