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Programs and Classes

Make One Small Change
It's a Domino Effect

Making one small change in your life can create other changes. Here is a step by step guide to look at your life, make a decision, and follow through managing any obstacles along the way.

What About Us?
Care for Caregivers

Head Games

Caregiving is a skill that can be better understood to manage drains on energy vs. energizing. Recognize how to make decisions and manage care so that your life flows better.

Stress Relief

How to begin a low stress Wellness Program

The beginning and end: Our nervous systems and health can be effected by experiences in our lives. Where are stress points in our body? What techniques relieve them? Finally create more joy in your life.

Get to Know Your Gut Instincts

From the mouth to the intestines, the plumbing system of our bodies is not made of metal or plastic so why do we treat it that way. This class will teach you how to keep it you gut clean and healthy and how this "inner skin" represents your outer skin.

Headaches, overwhelm, dizziness, hormones. It's not all in your mind. Learn about the mind-body connection and how we can manage these problems better.

Do I need insurance? How do I chose a health care provider? How do I start a program to stay or become healthy so that I don't end sick or unhealthy later? Should I worry?

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